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Crimsonland Review
Crimsonland, Tim tells us, is bloody good fun. With an emphasis on bloody. And fun. And good. And Crimsonland.

Latest PC Game News

Arcade Originals’ Mega PC Game Release Date List: Summer 2014 and Beyond

Arcade Originals’ upcoming PC games list returns. Now updated and improved to cover the rest of 2014.

Star Citizen Xi’An Scout available – Shown in video and shots

If you’re looking to throw more cash at Star Citizen then there’s now a new ship available for purchase.

All Battlefield: Hardline weapons and gadgets unlocked in PC beta

Want to mess about with all the different bits and pieces in Battlefield: Hardline?

Watch Freddie Prinze Jr voice the Dragon Age: Inquisition Iron Bull through his teeth

It’s time for another piece of Dragon Age: Inquisition video footage, this time with one of the cast.

Banished v1.0.3 update is now live with more fixes

Still hooked on Banished? There’s a new update out today with which should improve your experience.

Steam Summer Sale 2014 Day 2: Arcade Originals Recommends

A goal-crazy World Cup and a Steam Summer Sale, what better way to spend June?

Watch Dogs PC patch released – Issues such as stuttering still exist

UbiSoft has now released the PC patch for Watch Dogs which promises fixes for crashes, graphical glitches and performance improvements.

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies live-action launch trailer is creepy

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies is out on Tuesday, which means it’s launch trailer time.

Play Titanfall free with the new Origin Game Time this weekend

EA has decided to give gamers a free taste of their titles with the new Origin Game Time.

Hazard Ops closed beta keys – Get them here!

This weekend Infernum will be running a Hazard Ops closed beta test for the upcoming mental looking shooter and we have keys to giveaway!

Wasteland 2 beta access now available for all backers

InXile has decided the time is right to grant access to the Wasteland 2 beta test for all backers.

Watch Dogs PC settings “were deactivated” says UbiSoft – Warn against mod usage

Following the release of the Watch Dogs PC mod which unleashed hidden setting, UbiSoft clarifies their position on the PC version.

Arcade Originals Podcast #169

This week: Steam's Summer Sale begins, Watch Dogs finds the PC graphics, Battlefield: Hardline, Grid Autosport and Heretic Kingdoms. Plus theology.

Steam Summer Sale launches with added adventuring

Ring the bells across the land, hug your family close and prepare for economic ruination as the Steam Summer Sale launches in earnest.

Sniper Elite 3 interactive video gives you choices

Not long now until Sniper Elite 3 is released and this new video wants you to make tactical choices.

GRID Autosport’s hi-octane launch trailer declares THIS IS RACING

GRID Autosport is out next week, so it’s about time for a launch trailer.

Team Fortress 2′s Love and War update continues with new weapons

There’s more to Team Fortress 2 than Love and War, everyone.

Dota 2 adds 1v1 Practice, new Team Matchmaking

The Dota 2 deities are displeased with us, friends, but they have at least given us some new modes in the latest update.

Valve adds manual credit card verification on Steam

Valve has tweaked their credfit card system which should make life easier for CC users.

Star Citizen Arena Commander patched to v12.3 – More players added to MP testing

Cloud Imperium continue to squash the Arena Commander bugs in another patch update which has just gone live.

Peggle is free on Origin until 5 August

EA’s latest “On the House” venture is Peggle, available for free through Origin until 5 August.

Instant access to the Battlefield: Hardline beta for all PC gamers

After a couple of weeks of select testing EA are ready to open up the Battlefield: Hardline beta test.

Watch Dogs PC patch in “the coming days” says UbiSoft – Notes released

Some good news for Watch Dogs players as UbiSoft reveals that the much anticipated patch for the game is complete and they’ve released the notes.

Trials Fusion wheels out a free tournament update

The update to Trials Fusion that you may have noticed today is a free one that adds online tournaments to the game.

Star Citizen hires someone for best job title in the world

Star Citizen now has a “Director of Persistent Universe”, which is possibly the finest job title anyone in the world can have.

Orcs Must Die! Unchained unleashing closed beta in June

Orcs Must Die! Unchained will be unchaining its alpha and moving into closed beta on 27 June.

Tropico 5 patched, gets new sandbox maps

Dictate-’em-up Tropico 5 has been patched up to version 1.03, bringing with it a few bug fixes and some new content.

War of the Vikings gets Berserker class, new mode, new maps

A hefty free update has hit War of the Vikings today, adding a new class, three new maps, and an entirely new game mode, to the multiplayer melee title.

Magrunner: Dark Pulse free on GOG

Do you want a free game? Head over to GOG and click the “Download Magrunner for FREE” button, then.

4-5 OCTOBER 2014